Collaborative Arts Performance Pack Week 05 Masons Hall Skibbereen

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This morning we visited the Masons hall in Skibbereen which has been recently completely restored. The ornate and detailed decoration of the Lodge holds its history and current practice; the tools of masonry carry moral instruction ‘I will strive to love and care upon the level and by the square” on a brass square dating back to 1597; and astronomical information used to indicate time of day and time of year by rod and plumb-line. Dermod O’Brien made us welcome in Lodge no 15 and gave us a fascinating history of Masonry as well as playing the cutest little pedal-organ. They describe themselves, not as a secret society, but a society with secrets ..

Artist Toma McCullim introduced the work of George Nuku a Maori artist who sculpts with polystyrene & plexiglass, making objects from Maori traditional culture. These objects become more than their physical dimensions through ritualistic practices that reconfigure them as sacred. Toma had met Nuku and described weaving flax skirts to accompanying storytelling as a ritual in preparation for entry to the meeting house and to an embodied belonging. An awful lot to take in this morning and not enough time to really discuss throughly.. so more to come.