As part of Skibbereen Arts Festival 2019 this 90min introductory workshop invites participants to explore the sound making capacity of our voices to give expression to our contemporary human predicament.

When we are inundated with messages of impending doom for species survival including our own, how do you feel? When rationality and reason have created these conditions, can a non-rational, sensory exploration divine other possibilities ?  This workshop will invite participants to use their voices to respond to these pressing questions. This is not intended as a therapy rather it is concerned with agency and what we can do together.

This early morning encounter will focus on developing areas of mutual interest and establish parameters for future workshops in Autumn/Winter 2019.

Friday 2nd August 7am – 8:30am

Location will be disclosed 24 hours before the event.

Limited places (12)
Charge €5
This workshop will be facilitated by Sheelagh Broderick as an art manoeuvres collaboration.
Supported by Skibbereen Community & Family Resource Centre through Create Artist in the Community