Clonakilty Community Arts Centre invites proposals for a short artists residency and follow-up solo exhibition to take place in 2016. The call out is open to professional artists and/ or artists collectives originally from, or who have studied visual art in the West Cork region. The aim of the project for the Clonakilty Community Arts Centre, is to provide opportunities for all to engage with the visual arts as creators, spectators and participants. Mediation of exhibition programmes is key and the Learning Programme for the gallery will link to all exhibitions. Applicants should be open to the mediation of their work to the general public through an education programme.

The artist will be provided with a private studio within the Clonakilty Community Arts Centre for 3 weeks and support from Arts Centre staff and volunteers. This is a funded residency, the artist will be paid and funds will be provided for materials as necessary. Please contact [email protected] for more information. Applications are invited for participatory projects that will interrogate and respond to the Town of Clonakilty, and that will work with members of the community to do so. Artists are invited to leave a permanent or semi-permanent ‘trace’ on the town. Ideally, this trace should be representative of the artist’s experience at the Clonakilty Community Arts Centre. However, it is up to each artist to determine just what constitutes a ‘trace’, and what form it should take. Artists will be given an opportunity to have their ‘trace’ presented in the Clonakilty Community Arts Centre website.


In June of 2016, in the weeks preceding the Clonakilty Organic Arts festival, Sheelagh took up residence at CCAC, and began to engage with community groups and individuals to begin to create the architecture for an online community radio broadcast. It was agreed that a broadcast was to take place, using both pre-recorded material and live online broadcasts during the Clonakilty Organic Arts festival 2016. A press release was distributed to news and media sources:

Clonakilty Online Experiment Radio Ready to Broadcast

Listen to the new voice of Clonakilty at As part of an artists residency funded by Cork Council Council, Clonakilty Community Arts Centre are creating an experimental online community radio broadcast for the duration of the Clonakilty Organic Arts Festival from the 16th to the 19th of June.

The schedule has been forming over the past weeks as the team brought musicians, actors, writers, community groups and many more together to produce and contribute content. ere are contributions from Moze Jacobs of the Psoken Word collective, musician Fintan McKahey, poet and festival patron Dave Lordan, a comedy sketch from members of the Irish Wheelchair Association, an interview with members of the Cope Foundation, and much, much more varied and unexpected programming. e broadcast can be listened to and the full schedule can be viewed at

Team members include: Sheelagh Broderick, Michael Holly, Lorraine King Marshall, Eamonn Sheehy, Moze Jacobs, Lauren Guillery, Dan Guiney, Barry O’Mahony, Fintan Mckahey, Neil Fitzpatrick and Kieran Doyle.

Many of the festival events would be promoted on the newly-established radio station: WWW.CLONLINERADIO.COM. Many programmes were made to coincide with festival events, such as an interview with festival patron Dave Lordan, e project was designed so that the community members involved in the project designed

The studio that was provided for the residency was converted into a functioning radio studio using donated or borrowed equipment. e set-up was tested in the run up to the Clonakilty Organic Arts Festival in June of 2016, and material was recorded and edited in the run up to the broadcast using free, open-source software. Clonakilty Community Arts Centre Gallery became a working space in which the schedule was generated, agreed and organized by the community members involved, overseen and supervised by Sheelagh Broderick and project coordinator Michael Holly.

During the broadcast dates between the 16th and the 19th of June there was a total of 47 individual broadcasted shows. Contributions were made by groups, businesses and individuals such as: e Irish Wheel- chair Association, Unislim, COPE Foundation, DeBarras Folk Club (recordings of various live performances and interviews), Medazza Vocal Group, Tadgh an Astna Players, and a large selection of local musicians. Vox- pops were taken on the streets of Clonakilty and the public was continually informed about upcoming shows via social media. A selection of West-Cork music was played as a background playlist during the night and early mornings.

The project continues independently as a weekly broadcast on