Life Drawing by Bara Palcik Watching Mary

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1,2 & 5 July & 10 Aug |  Artist Bara Palcik drawing from life | Portrait Drawing and Portrait Painting from the Live Model I propose a series of four 3-hour observable sessions in which I will draw and paint from a life model who I will bring on site with me. These sessions will involve: • Drawing/painting using an easel and wooden board, indoors and outdoors, depending on weather conditions. • Suggested medium: pens, pencils and acrylic paint on paper. All material and equipment will be provided and safely handled by the artist with no risk to viewers. • Poses will last from 20 minutes up to one hour each. The focus will be on portraiture. Short breaks may be included. • Passing viewers will be able to walk around both artist and model and look at life drawing/painting in action. • The public may also be given opportunities to take part in this exciting life event by posing themselves.