Catch Keeley & Mary Sullivan Two Gather Together

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Saturday 11th June Mind Readers 12pm – 1pm & Glasses Glasses 2pm – 3pm | Double Bill of Performance Art with Catch Keeley & Mary Sullivan

In the performance of Mind Readers, we explore extra-sensory perception. In a meditative, reflective and empathetic way, involving a stilling of the mind in order to exchange thoughts, we visualise and illustrate, in word and image, what we think the other is thinking

In the performance of Glass Glasses, Keeley & Sullivan explore compromised visual sense, the body in space and how we negotiate that space as we walk towards, meet and walk on. The meeting in each instance has an unknown outcome. Will we pass each other with just a whisper of a touch, a soft gentle passing, or will it be a more physical forceful encounter? Are we watching where we are going?

Catch Keeley and Mary Sullivan, performing under the title of ‘Two Gather Together’ have just completed their second year in the DIT BA in Visual Art Degree course on Sherkin Island.